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 Our Team


Eilon Shalev

Co-Founder and CEO



William Lopez-Cordero

Co-Founder and Head of Architecture

MIT Aero Astro & Computer Science


Daniel Gottesmann

Co-Founder and COO

UChicago Booth MBA

Our Values

We care a lot about our values. Moreover, we use our values to make decisions and, by so doing, we make a deliberate choice to focus on what is important to us. Our values help us grow and develop. Our values are represented by the acronym iHacked, which stands for:


Integrity – adhere to ethical and moral principles
Honesty – be truthful with others
Accountability – deliver tasks on time, or provide a heads-up notice to relevant stakeholders
Creativity – challenge the status quo
Knowledge – take decisions based on data and evidence collected through thorough research
Equity – provide your surroundings with what they need to optimize their success
Diversity – celebrate and respect others

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